Assistant Manager


Location: Banff, AB

What we do: Canadian Fashion Xperience provides a great customer experience and supports the exposure and growth of Canadian design.

Why we do it: Canadian Fashion Xperience bridges the gap between incredible Canadian fashion brands and customers.

Your role: The Canadian Fashion Xperience Assistant Manager leads by example, inspiring employees to strive for continuous improvement and offering the kind of extraordinary service that keeps customers coming back.

As an Assistant Manager, your responsibilities and accountabilities are as follows:

Customer Service:

Ability to provide the CFX experience from the time a customer walks through the door to the time they leave.

  • Ensures that every customer receives the welcome speech.
  • Engages with customers to build relationships and offer personalized service.
  • Communicates detailed and accurate product knowledge to staff and customers, telling the story of Canadian design to foster excitement amongst employees and customers.
  • Suggests items that meet the customer’s needs and maximize the sale.
  • Drives sales to meet targets by continuously building a customer base and increasing the quality of transactions.
  • Engages with the community through relevant and impactful events that build the brand reputation and drive sales.
  • Focuses team to drive results on the floor supporting sales, events and business initiatives.


Ability to build effective and collaborative relationships with managers, customers, & external partners.

  • Communicates and collaborates effectively with the Store Manager, working together to lead the sales teams.
  • Acts and communicates with integrity and positive intent to the team and the business.
  • Gives feedback generously and receives it with openness.
  • Leads special events and out-of-store assignments
  • Maintains a high standard for professionalism, punctuality
  • Initiates and completes tasks to support receiving, merchandising, organizing, cleaning


Ability to motivate and inspire a team to exceed performance indicators and develop.

  • Practices active listening and questioning to identify and address the root cause of performance issues.
  • Delegates effectively, first explaining why, how to complete a task with timelines and measurable results.
  • Helps the store manager to recruit, hire, and retain top talent as required to protect and build the business.
  • Assist in training new and existing staff to build customer relationships and drive sales.
  • Holds employees in all areas accountable to great/outstanding work by giving constructive feedback and support in the moment.
  • Creates a positive culture, celebrating wins, and recognizing performance.

Business Competence:

Ability to build momentum, working for continuous improvement and increasing success of the business.

  • Communicates need-to-know information in opening meetings for every staff member, every day.
  • Manages daily to-do list to support effective store operations.
  • Ensures that receiving is efficient and visual merchandising is effective, with guidance from espy visual and operations management team.
  • Supports purchasing department to maintain supplies/inventory in the right quantity at the right time within the given budget.
  • Troubleshoots operational opportunities as they arise, communicate and solve issues.
  • Protects people and assets by having a safe and controlled working environment.
  • Upholds a high standard for organization and cleanliness throughout the entire store.
  • Schedules staff to maximize sales and minimize expenses.

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