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We’re an all Canadian-branded fashion retailer, located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains – Banff, Alberta. Everything you will find at CFX is designed or manufactured in Canada.

We believe in Canadian fashion. We believe in Canadian design. We believe in Canadian manufacturing. We believe in amazing service. We believe in affordable style. We believe in talented designers who wave the maple leaf proudly.

Canadian Fashion Xperience is built on the same values and foundation as its sister company, espy experience – amazing service and affordable style. We want everyone to have a piece or two (or twelve) of Canadian fashion in their closets. No matter your budget, we’ll help you find something you’ll feel amazing in. Like the brands we carry, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality to our customer – luxe leathers, buttery knits, warm down, soft cottons, and much more.

Our goal is to introduce Canadian fashion to the world. CFX carries quality goods from both large fashion houses and independent designers, many of which are being sold for the first time on such a large scale.

We believe Banff is a community full of heart and pride, and we are thrilled to be a part of it. Canada is already known for its big open skies, crystal blue lakes, tall mountains, vast space, maple syrup and love for hockey – let it also be known for its impeccable fashion.


The Canadian brands you'll find at CFX

  • Annie 50
  • Arianne
  • Au Noir
  • Backdrop
  • Baffi
  • Bano eeMee
  • Bella Flor
  • Bertigo
  • Blush Lingerie
  • bodybag
  • Bonnetier
  • Brenda Beddome
  • Camp Brand Goods
  • Canadian Bliss
  • Claudine Moncion
  • Cokluch Mini
  • Daily
  • DailyStory
  • Ellabee
  • Erdaine
  • Fidelity Denim
  • Foxy Jewelry
  • Good Luck Socks
  • Herschel
  • High Road Clothing
  • Hilary MacMillan
  • Horst
  • I by Iris
  • Iris Setlakwe
  • John & Jenn
  • Jools & Joplin
  • Katrine Leblond
  • Kersh
  • Kogi Soap
  • Kovalum
  • Kuwalla Tee
  • Le Galeriste
  • L Fashion overload
  • Lief Horsen Outerwear
  • Lisette L
  • Local Laundry
  • Lost & Faune
  • Loves Pure Light
  • Luc Fontaine
  • Lucky 7
  • Marie Helene Hache
  • Marigold by Marilyne Baril
  • Melow by Melissa Bolduc
  • Meemoza
  • Mia Melon
  • Naked & Famous Denim
  • National Standards
  • Noel Asmar
  • Ookpik World
  • Press
  • Press Dress
  • Pursuits Jewelry
  • Rebecca King
  • Reigning Champ
  • Rella
  • Rudsak
  • Ruelle
  • Salt Spring Island Candles
  • Salt Water Tea
  • SAXX
  • Sentaler
  • Sokoloff Intimates
  • Silver For Us
  • Sosken
  • Soul Of London
  • State of Grace
  • Tense Watches
  • Torino Towel
  • Valerie Dumaine
  • Veinage
  • Vitaly
  • Viyella
  • Welldunn Jewelry
  • Wylo & Co
  • XO by espy
  • Yoga Jeans

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